About the Apartheid Heritage(s) Collection

This collection of digital resources is an extension of the 3D spatial historical analysis of Soweto, the historic Black township near Johannesburg, South Africa. The items in this collection were selected to encourage researchers to reimagine spaces by asking themseleves questions such as:

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Using the Apartheid Heritage(s) Digital Archive

We want you to explore these digital objects and consider their history from a critical perspective.

Feel free to explore the archive by searching for objects by specific metadata categories, such as:

Resource Descriptions

When viewing an object, please pay special attention to the description field. The descriptions have been carefully researched in order to provide a historical background and context to the object.

After the description of every image, there is a statement that reads, “For additional context, please consider:” followed by a list of concepts and events. These have been included to encourage the user to think critically about the object they are viewing, the spatial history, and the critical role of digital archives in pushing against normative historical narratives.

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This site is built using CollectionBuilder-gh which utilizes the static website generator Jekyll and GitHub Pages to build and host digital collections and exhibits.

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